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Thank you for dropping by – this site has been set up for the purpose of: posting music compositions I have created; photos I have taken; and, blogging my studies in the Master of Innovative Technology at Edith Cowan University (ECU) – as well as posting other digital media compositions as time allows.

Music Composition: In the 1990s I spent a number of years writing MIDI based music, however it sounded like MIDI music and often unnatural. Around 2004/2005 I started writing music again but this time recording real guitar and bass while using MIDI drums, however I am not a drummer [nor a bass player] and the timing was wanting…

Now, since December 2008, I have once again turned my hand to writing MIDI music [having the time during study break] however now using quality VST MIDI instruments such as Yellow Tools Independence and to a lesser extent Garritan Personal Orchestra. The sound of the VST MIDI instruments are almost ‘real’ now compared to the MIDI instruments from the 1990s and hence the overall satisfaction of hearing back finished compositions has increased dramatically!

Photography: I have had an interest in photography for a number of years – perhaps more so from a technology perspective than actually taking photos though. I loved researching digital cameras and taught the basics of photography during time as a TAFE Lecturer. In 2006 I bought a decent digital SLR – a Canon EOS 30D – and of course spent additional money on decent lenses. Combined with a recent interest in motorcycles and group rides I actually had a reason to take photos whereas before whenever I thought about buying a decent camera I would ask myself “what I am going to take pictures of anyway?”.

So, most of the photos uploaded here are of motor bikes. I was involved in a charity during 2006 and 2007 which also meant I took photos of charity rides and events – which also meant taking more bike pictures as well as pics of people. Most of the people pics I have taken are currently residing on a broken down computer and I will be endeavouring to resurrect them soon.

ECU MInT: mid-way through 2008 I decided to return to study after working for 15 years as a TAFE Lecturer. I enrolled in Edith Cowan University’s Master of Innovative Technology course and at this time have completed the first of four semesters. One of the unit requirements in the course was to ‘blog’ our readings and responses to weekly readings in the unit “Writing for Games”. Writing down comments and notes on readings is a good way to enhance learning and I only wished I had more time with the other units to do the same on a weekly basis.

Therefore, the blog entries here mainly comprise of entries for Writing for Games with various bits and pieces for the three other units I studied, Psycho & Cinema, Special Education and Research Methods, as well as the odd rant here and there.

Steve Eggleston
January, 2009

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