January 9, 2009

10 reasons why daylight saving sucks in Perth…

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My 10 reasons why daylight saving sucks here in Perth…

  1. If you go out in the evening there is no where to park as everyone is still playing sport
  2. Your dog won’t come for a walk with you in the morning as it is too early/dark to wake up
  3. The local bottle shop closes at 8:00pm but you don’t realise that it is that late as it is still daylight
  4. The hottest time of the day is 6:00 in the evening [January & February]
  5. It is still dark when you wake up at 7:00am in March
  6. The neighbourhood kids are still running around and making noise at 8:00 in the evening
  7. By the time you have dinner it is 9:00 at night
  8. It takes my cats one week to adjust to daylight saving [takes me a lot longer]
  9. We have enough daylight [and heat] in Perth as it is in summer
  10. Finally: daylight saving sucks as it was forced upon us for three years by the former State Labor Government under Alan Carpenter without public consultation. VOTE NO TO DAYLIGHT SAVING!

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