December 28, 2008

Catching up…

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So long since making an entry in this blog: no entries for November as the academic year wound down and I came to grips with reclaiming my life…

Studies went well – last exam was on the 19th of November and by all accounts it was a successful semester studying at Edith Cowan – all High Distinctions for the four units comprising of high distinctions for all assignments/exams except for one distinction for a group project… :(

Since then I have been busy writing and recording music – reviving chordal compositions from my teenage years as well as writing new ditties for film and fun [which may be posted up here retrospectively ;) ]. Prior to finishing studies this year I purchased Garritan Personal Orchestra [GPO] – a VST MIDI instrument – to set myself up with something to do so that I didn’t go stir crazy when study was over. GPO seemed fine until I more recently, sort of by accident, purchased Yellow Tools Independence Free – another VST MIDI instrument that makes Garritan sound ‘cheap’ [which it sort of is, but not that cheap!]. Anyhow, it has been very time consuming though very, very creative – something I missed during my studies…

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