October 9, 2008

Week 10 – Map for Psycho-Ego – The Knowing of the Self: Island of Okeanos

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The map below, right, is a prototype of the map that will serve as the basis of the formulation of the Psycho-Ego game narrative. As a work in progress, the aim was to identify a mappable region that would serve as inspiration for the overall development of the Psycho-Ego ‘game narrative’.

Sourcing a ‘map’ served to be a great inspirational benefit in the development of the game narrative: being a visual person myself, having a visual identity of the gameplay region certainly helped identify possible areas of conflict that the player character might experience. This also enabled the labelling of regions with names [sourced from Behind the Name (2007)] thus placing the regions into a symbolic representation of space.

 Sourcing the map was a matter of ‘flying’ around Google Earth, taking many snapshots, until I ‘discovered’ a region that appeased my sense of asymmetrical balance. The base of the map used was Latitude 57°21’56.87″N, and Longitude  6° 7’34.12″W. This was spun around until it suited a landscape format (for screen capture) but was then reverted to a portrait format for development for printing purposes.

 Once the Google screen capture was opened in Photoshop it was matter of gridding up the region into a 240×240 pixel grid and then manipulating the image to fit within that grid space. The grid was then labelled and Greek names were allocated to the primary regions to be explored. Regions without names will be pass-through regions that will contain interaction for the Player Character, however to restrict the amount of information on the map’s key only the main locations have been included at this stage on the map.

 Originally the map was to be landscape format, however due to the presentation of portrait format of the assignment it was decided to create the ‘map’ in a portrait format as well for legibility purposes. As a result, North will now face the top of the page rather than toward the right hand side of the page that was initially envisaged: however this does not pose a problem in the representation of a virtual world as anything can be explained as to the world’s geographic make-up if needed.



Behind the Name. (2007). The etymology and history of first name: Greek Mythology Names. Retrieved October 9, 2008, from http://www.behindthename.com/nmc/gre-myth.php

 Google Earth. (2008). TerraMetrics and Google Earth. Retrieved October 7, 2008, from Google Earth Latitude 57°21’56.87″N, and Longitude  6° 7’34.12″W

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