September 29, 2008

Psycho-Ego Machinima

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Group project for GDT3102 Writing for Games: Machinima created from Second life.

Machinima concept based upon the Psycho-Ego game concept as detailed here.

The project team: Ash B., Roy G., Mirai R., and myself (Steve E.).

Download the PAL 4:3 machinima here: http://tigerleo.com/composition/Psycho-ego_machinima.mpg (right-click and save as).


My personal contributions to the project were as follows:

Initial concept proposal

Brainstorming ideas with the team

Second draft of the script (Roy completed the first and third drafts)

Dialogue (later tweaked by Roy, Mirai and myself during the recording)

Second Life (SL) “player character” avatar creation

Identification of three of the five SL locations used in the machinima

Test recordings of SL camera control and limitations

Resolution of SL green screening

Resolution of SL lip-sync

SL “player character” gesture operation/acting

Co-Direction with Roy

Additional camera work and scene capture

Soundtrack selection

Title animation design and implementation

All editing, sequencing and compiling


Overall contributions:

Directed by Roy G. and Steve E.

“Athena” SL avatar, performance and voice-over by Mirai R [additonal performances by Steve E.].

“Player Character” avatar, performance and voice-over by Steve E.

Camera 1 Roy G., Camera 2 Steve E.

Brain-storming: Ash B., Steve E., Roy G., and Mirai R.

SL locations identified by Steve E. and Mirai R.


Sound tracks used:

Samples from Dario Argento’s “Suspiria” (1970) by Goblin

“As the Rush Comes” (DJ Tiesto exclusive mix) by Dave Dresden, J. Brieden, and J. Gabriel (2003)

“End Time” (Psycho-Ego theme music) by Steve Eggleston (1999)

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