September 13, 2008

Machinima script:

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Machinima Script: “Psycho-Ego: The Knowing of the Self” level three intro cut-scene “The Anima”.

Based upon an intitial basic script by Roy Gamsgro, for the second Writing for Games assigment, the following details of a basic script are offered for discussion:

PC = Player Character

Athena = the Anima


Exterior Day: Heavy rain and lightning:

High angle establishing long shot: We see a streetscape with a sole character [PC] centered in the screen. The camera zooms towards the character [PC] as we hear a male’s voice:

PC [talking to himself]:  What a day to agree to meet on a blind date… “Just stand at the bus stop next to the cross walk and I will recognise you…” she said.

Close up, low angle, reverse shot of PC:

PC: Yeah, right, as if that’s going to happen in this weather!

Man, this rain! Is it ever going to stop? Why am I even standing here?  It’s not like she’s even going to show…

We hear a female’s voice [Athena - the Anima] laughingly yelling out over the sound of rain and thunder:

Athena: Ya big galoot – not over there – over here!

Close up, low angle: PC looks surprised as his last thought is interrupted.

Long shot, normal angle of Athena, other side of the street: We see her wave and then blow a kiss at PC.

Close up, low angle, reverse shot of PC [as before]:

Athena [yelling from other side of the street]: See, I told you I would recognise you!

PC laughs and waves back at Athena.

Athena [still yelling above the noise]: So what are you waiting for – come over here!

Rear, medium long shot of PC as he crosses the road over the cross walk. As he is half way across the road a horn sounds and tyres screech – PC is hit by a bus – he recoils backwards as if hit.

Extreme close up of Athena: She is visibly shocked and appalled.

Fade out

Fade in to body outline marked on the street

Fade out


Interior Night: Hospital ward:

Fade in to PC lying on hospital bed: the scene starts spinning and fades out again.


Interior night: surreal church setting:

Fade in to PC in a church [as if in a dream/hallucination]: the world starts spinning, increasingly more quickly; the floor gives way; PC falls through the floor and finds himself spiralling downward; world stops spinning and PC finds himself in a streetscape and starts moving forward…


Exterior night: symbolic streetscape and bus stop:

Fade in to streetscape – rear of PC [third person]: PC starts walking down the street towards a bus top – Athena is there waiting for him.

Over the shoulder two shot on Athena:

Athena smiling [‘telepathically' talking to PC]:

You looking for me, Animus? Glad you could make it this time… let’s get out of here.

Athena waves her arms in the air…


Exterior night: scene fades from streetscape to a foggy valley:

Reverse angle Medium shot of PC [green screen]: PC looks surprised as the previous scene’s streetscape setting fades to a night time shot of the foggy valley.

Over the shoulder long shot of Athena in the midst of the fog, hovering above the ground.

Athena [still telepathically]: Come and get me, my Animus!

Athena turns and flies off into the night.

PC [still over the shoulder, waving his right arm in the air]: Wait! How…?

Athena [calling back from a distance]: Follow me, Animus! Follow me and you will see!

Still reverse angle, over the shoulder of PC, we see him walk forward into the foggy valley and stop.

CU rear of PC  - the scene fades [green screen] to a seemingly insurmountable mountain.


Exterior day: mountain scene:

Long shot of Athena, like a goddess, at the top of the mountain:

Athena [still telepathically]: Animus, ANIMUS! You MUST find your way out of there to find me. PLEASE, don’t give up, come and find ME!

PC starts his way up the mountain and the scene fades to black.


Interior night: Fades in to extreme close-up of PC on the hospital ward bed: PC experiences the following montage of flash-backs as he regains consciousness:

Long shot of Athena in the operating room gallery – she is sad

Close up of Athena in the operating room gallery – she is crying

Medium shot of Athena sitting on PC’s hospital bed

Medium shot of Athena standing [far side] of PC’s hospital bed

Long shot of Athena with her back towards PC’s bed

Long shot of Athena leaving the hospital ward room

Fade to black


Fade in to close-up of PC sitting on the edge of the hospital bed [talking to himself]:

PC [close up, low angle talking to himself]: Wow, what an experience… Amazing I am still alive… They say there was a young woman who was here every day with me… without her I would not have had the will to survive… but she, without warning, stopped turning up… Who was she… what happened to her?

PC [third person] sees a long shot of the distant motion of Athena through the hospital ward glass door leaving the complex. He gets up to follow her but the hospital ward doors are locked – he cannot get out…

[This, therefore, begins level three of the game "Psycho-Ego: The Knowing of the Self - Finding the Anima".]

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