August 15, 2008

Week 3 Character Development & Dialogue

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“Athena” – Major NPC representing the Anima and Girlfriend of the Player for the high concept of a semi-educational RPG game “Psycho-Ego – the knowing of the self”

[NOTE: The graphic to the right has been a somewhat sad bastardisation of Kylie Minogue - the copyright for the original file states "Permission is granted to copy, distribute and/or modify this document under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License".
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Gender: Female

Weight: 45 Kg

Height: 160 cm tall

Age: mid-twenties

Eye colour: Hazel

Hair type/colour: wavy golden blonde/brown

Physique: Trim but womanly

Distinguishing marks: wears flowers in her hair and intricate arm bands and other jewellery



Game Types: RPG/Adventure/Fantasy

Story types:  Companion, lover and key to the self

Genre type: The good woman

Sociological type: The university art student

Person type: Kylie Minogue



Happy, appears care-free but is astutely aware of her surroundings. Does not show concern what others think of her outwardly but inwardly understands the collective needs of all people. In the role of the girlfriend Athena is flirtatious yet also affectionate. To others she may appear aloof or stuck-up. In the role of the anima Athena is wise and acts as a guide for the Player. Athena’s personality will be determined by how the Player interacts with and what questions he asks of her. Initially she will appear aloof however that will change as the Player wins her over and she becomes his girlfriend/lover and the Player accepts her as his anima.


Character “diamond”

Aloof: Athena can display the appearance of being above the ‘common’ people which leads many to believe she is “stuck-up”.

Affectionate: When the Player wins Athena over and she becomes his girlfriend/lover and the Player accepts her as his anima then Athena can become affectionate.

Care-free: This is the general persona that Athena displays to the world when no one is trying to interact with her otherwise she may appear to be aloof.

Wise: As the anima Athena is wise and acts as the Player’s guide during dream sequences. As the Player’s partner she will often offer advice that seems at times unexpected and out of character.


Character background

Athena’s parents are well respected and successful academics who wish for Athena to follow a similar pathway. However Athena chooses to follow her happy care-free attributes and chooses to become an art student. Extremely talented and with the ability to tap into the collective unconscious Athena does not need to work hard at being a student. This gift enables Athena to explore all kinds of interesting adventures while appearing never to actually do any study.

Due to her upbringing in a well-to-do family life and no doubt as a result of the expectations of her parents Athena does display at times the appearance of being above the ‘common’ people which in turn leads to many others thinking of her as being “stuck-up”. Despite this outward appearance Athena is acutely aware of what others think and what their needs are and the outward mask she displays is really to protect herself from becoming too involved with all of society’s issues.

Athena is looking for the right man – her animus – one who accepts her for who she is deep down and not because of her outward beauty. Due to the latter her past experiences with love and relationships have left her cynical of the advances by her courters. Therefore Athena is often dismissive and belittling of men’s displays of affection toward her. As a result not many men who know Athena consider her worthy of pursuing as a partner which has left Athena feeling alone in the world in a physical sense. However Athena knows that when she does meet the right man then together they can take on the world and overcome all of its problems and through transcendence form a syzygy that will enable them to become god-like beings.

In the game Athena’s role is that of the Player’s spiritual guide during dream sequences and that of partner in the solving of the Player’s problems and encounters with other NPCs. If the Player chooses not to interact with Athena once he has associated with her then the objectives of the game will become much more difficult and the Player’s ‘psychological growth’ will be hindered. In this respect Athena is the key to the Player’s discovering of the self.


Speech & Dialogue

  • During dream sequences/cut-scenes Athena represents the Player’s anima and speaks with the wisdom of one who holds the knowledge of the collective unconscious. Athena’s speech will sound more ethereal in these scenes and pronounce simple statements such as:

 ”I am looking – will you find me?”

 ”Know thy self to find the key”

 ”I am the door that must be opened”

 ”It is you who is the key”

 ”Use the force, Luke, use the force” (sorry, wrong stereotype)


  • During normal gameplay Athena responds with much more dismissive replies to the Player’s questions – the Player must find the right question to get Athena to respond more amenably:

Player:   Are you the girl of my Dreams?

Anima:   Dreams? Dreams? Listen, buddy, everybody has dreams…

                So what makes you think anyone would be interested in yours?


                Oh, look at me, everybody, I’m a dreamer!


Player:    You look just like my Mother

Anima:    What?! Your Mother?! Great, another loser with an Oedipus complex…

                Won’t your Daddy be surprised when you go home to kill him!


                Mummy’s boy! Mummy’s boy! Grow up kid and be a man!


Player:    How I long to remove your mask and gaze at the beauty that resides within

Anima:    You, you want to get to know me? My, no one has ever wanted to know me before…

                Perhaps we should get to know each other a little more…


                Tell me more about what you want to see…

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