December 3, 2009

Space Scape

Filed under: alternative,Composition,Synth — steve @ 7:20 pm

A space based theme in three parts using Absynth 5 and Reaktor 5:

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1. Spaceship takes off and then once up in the sky goes into hybernation mode. However, the peaceful journey is interupted as the ship is off course and starts spiralling through a black hole. Oh, no!

2. Coming out the black hole, the ships communicates with an alien entity, and then proceeds to land on an unexplored world. But, on exploring the new world, the aliens turn out to be evil and the spaceman has to run for his life and find his way back to his ship.

3. Back on the spaceship, it once again takes off before folding time to get back to earth. Back at earth, the spaceship lands with a thud. Oops.

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