August 13, 2009

Elecard removal – when there is no installed software

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If, like me, you have had to put up with an annoying message from Elecard stating that your ‘trial version’ of their MPEG2 decoder has expired and you need to purchase their software when playing a mpg file – and, like me, you know you never installed their software, and there is nothing listed in add/remove programs OR the registry that you have Elecard installed – then like me, and others, it probably does your head in…

Elecard, in their corrupt wisdom, somehow, whether through bogus freeware or something else, take over your MPEG2 codec and place a watermark on your MPEG2 video. The solution, according to Elecard, is to purchase their software to make the annoying watermark go away… But wait, I have legally purchased MPEG2 applications with their MPEG2 codecs that should not require me to purchase a codec from a company that I never downloaded, or installed to my knowledge a trial of their software. It is also very difficult to uninstall software that does not appear in the system at all…

Finally, this evening, I found a post from Elecard here:


In short, this is what you need to do (from the above Elecard forum post):

“You can also uninstall the Decoder completely. To do so, please use the DecCleaner program:
You need to download the program, unzip it and start the ElecardDecoderCleaner.bat.”

I, reluctantly, followed their advice – downloaded and ran the application – it seemed as if it couldn’t find what it was looking for to remove, but, praise be to God, it worked – no more annoying watermarks and my MPEG2 files run fine as I do have legally purchased and installed MPEG2 codecs. So, I wonder why Elecard provides the ‘DecCleaner’ program to remove their software – is it because the watermark should never be there in the first place and they need an out from bullying people into purchasing their software when they do not need to?

F#ck-you, Elecard, F#ck-you very, very much…

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