August 23, 2009

PC and equal rights…

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If I produced an ad that depicted women as either stupid, dumb, ignorant, incompetent or just plain useless, would I get away with it? No, probably not – and fair enough, really…

So, why is it acceptable to treat men asĀ  stupid, dumb, ignorant, incompetent or just plain useless in advertisements? Is this politically correct? Are there actually two standards here at play? Women’s rights are [now] sacrosanct, yet men are fair game for humiliation? Seems that way when watching insurance and women’s sanitary products advertisements and the like… fair go!

August 13, 2009

Elecard removal – when there is no installed software

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If, like me, you have had to put up with an annoying message from Elecard stating that your ‘trial version’ of their MPEG2 decoder has expired and you need to purchase their software when playing a mpg file – and, like me, you know you never installed their software, and there is nothing listed in add/remove programs OR the registry that you have Elecard installed – then like me, and others, it probably does your head in…


August 11, 2009

(Looking for my) Happy Place

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Sort of ambient, but not much, really… At a direct instruction teaching session yesterday, the Lecturer referred to students going to their happy place when zoning out in a lesson – no doubt something we all tend to do if bored and finding it difficult to concentrate on the task at hand…

Ban-DI from DSK; flute, bass, piano and kettledrums from Independence 1.5; synths from Proteus VX; and, percussion from JamStix…

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