November 21, 2009

Behringer FBQ2496 EQ and Room EQ Wizard

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I have two old TEAC speaker boxes that I replaced the speaker drivers in about 8 or 9 years ago with Jaycar 12” CW2130 polycone woofer, Jaycar/Response 5” CM2085 polycone midrange driver and Jaycar/Response 1” CT2010 dome tweeter. While the bass response was adequate in the lounge room where I originally put the drivers together, and in the following lounge room where they were placed, in my current lounge room, when driven by a DSE A2760 stereo amp the bass has been lacking. As I use these speakers for mixing computer created music a reasonable flat response is required. Presently I have been checking my mixes between these speakers and a 5.1 Logitech Z5500 speaker system to check the bass levels – as mixing takes me the longest in my music production switching between speaker systems to remix the compositions is slow and painful. So I decided to check the Jaycar’s response patterns using the free Room EQ Wizard(more…)

August 23, 2009

PC and equal rights…

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If I produced an ad that depicted women as either stupid, dumb, ignorant, incompetent or just plain useless, would I get away with it? No, probably not – and fair enough, really…

So, why is it acceptable to treat men as  stupid, dumb, ignorant, incompetent or just plain useless in advertisements? Is this politically correct? Are there actually two standards here at play? Women’s rights are [now] sacrosanct, yet men are fair game for humiliation? Seems that way when watching insurance and women’s sanitary products advertisements and the like… fair go!

August 13, 2009

Elecard removal – when there is no installed software

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If, like me, you have had to put up with an annoying message from Elecard stating that your ‘trial version’ of their MPEG2 decoder has expired and you need to purchase their software when playing a mpg file – and, like me, you know you never installed their software, and there is nothing listed in add/remove programs OR the registry that you have Elecard installed – then like me, and others, it probably does your head in…


April 16, 2009

Real Men’s Lamb Shanks!

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Ingredients: (serves 2 to 4 people)

One whole sheep (plucked)

4 small ‘pickling’ onions

4 smallish potatoes

2 cans of whole peeled tomatoes

2 sticks of celery


January 31, 2009

Vocaloid2 Prima review

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For a start this is less than stellar software – far from commercial quality – no doubt we are on the bleeding edge with vocal instruments, however this is not just bleeding but at times simply just bloody poor:


January 30, 2009

“Rising electricity prices ‘to benefit renewable sector’”

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Oh dear, electricity prices are going to rise substantially – or are they? A 78% increase over two years, according to the ABC today, has been recommended by the The Western Australia Office of Energy. What??? In today’s economic climate and low consumer confidence? Does hiking up electricity prices to benefit the renewable energy sector while crippling low income families who simply would not be able to afford the cost it takes to get into ‘renewable power’ [around $10k for a basic solar power sysyem] make community sense? Well, according to the ABC’s report it has been stated as that – however, you can read the Minister’s statement [made yesterday] for yourself and make up your own mind…

January 18, 2009

My ears hurt…

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After watching the 2003 Montreux Jazz Festival excerpts of Jethro Tull and Yes my ears dfinitiely feel as if they have been put through the ringer. Curiously the volume was not loud at all – Jethro Tull sounded fine in fact and fairly enjoyable apart from Ian Anderson overtly stereotyping himself. The problem was Yes – the mix was terrible! The only way I can describe it is like they took the centre chanel out of the mix, yet this was stereo; sort of like the equivalent of looking at the sun for too long and only have peripheral vision left, except of course in this case it is your hearing. My ears hurt from straining to hear the sound – I turned up the volume which helped a little however my ears are still aching now after the program finished – hearing some a well mixed program on classical music hopefully will return things to normal… it feels like my ear drums have been sucked out due to the lack of sound pressure in the centre…

So, one of the two sound engineers listed on the 2003 Montreux Jazz Festival screening, David Richards or Olivier Aldo Pedron, needs to have their hearing checked so that they don’t subject anyone to that pain again – and so that they don’t perform a great injustice to such wonderful artists as Yes.

January 9, 2009

10 reasons why daylight saving sucks in Perth…

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My 10 reasons why daylight saving sucks here in Perth…


January 8, 2009

Reflection on first semester of ECU studies

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Now that I have had about 6 weeks break from study after my first semester studying a Master of Innovative Technology at Edith Cowan University, Western Australia perhaps I should jot down my reflections on that first semester:

Coming to grips with uni study was the first obstacle I had to overcome: the APA referencing style employed by ECU was entirely new to me as was the writing style – a reflective third person past tense that does not come naturally. I also was uncertain as to the standard the uni expected – at a Masters level one would expect very high standards so I aimed high, as is usual with my work, which also meant my workload was rather intense to keep on top of the weekly readings and tasks.

Such was the workload it honestly was a case of spending 16 hours a day, 7 days each week to keep on top of things. Apart from a Sunday lunch every second or third week at my mum’s I only went out twice to socialise – and that was in the first two weeks when I hadn’t quite got a grasp on the demands of the study! After that whenever I thought I might have time to visit a friend I would realise that another assignment was due and there was no time to relax. Even the one week term break was spent completing assignments – fortunately the university semester is only 12 contact weeks over 14 weeks so one could get through it all and “see the light at the end of the long, dark, black tunnel”…

However, the hard work was worth it – I received High Distinctions (HD) on 11 out of 12 assignments/exams and one Distinction for a group project. My overall results for the four units I studies were as follows:

CMM4106 Psychology, Psychoanalysis and Cinema – HD 85%

GDT3102 Writing for Games – HD 88%

EDU5373 Foundation Studies and Current Issues in Special Education – HD 88%

CSG5140 Research Methods – HD 90%

Despite the heavy workload my biggest problem was the two week study break between my final assignment for Special Education and the written exam for Research Methods – was very difficult to keep focussed with so much free time suddenly available! Added to that I started to get ready for the summer break by purchasing software to get back into composing and recording digital music again – a big distraction. Though I must have done alright on that final exam to get the 90% overall for the unit…

Semester 2 of my studies [in semester 1, 2009] hopefully will be less demanding – three out of the four units are off-campus [compared to one in the first semester] so that means less time travelling to uni and hopefully more time to ‘relax’. We’ll see…

January 2, 2009

Terrible night for tv music

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What a terrible night watching tv – King Solomon’s Mines and The Outsider – both on Chanel 9 (Aus) and both with really horrible sound track mixes….


December 28, 2008

Catching up…

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So long since making an entry in this blog: no entries for November as the academic year wound down and I came to grips with reclaiming my life…


August 7, 2008

Social Vs Medical model

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This post is in response to the week 2 discussion topic: Social Model Vs Medical model – “thoughts on more progressive approaches to working with individuals with disabilities”.

This post is the first opportunity, at the end of the second week of study, to write in a style (1) of a subjective/first person view, and (2) without concern to A.P.A. referencing. Therefore; my thoughts and my feelings without restriction – what an enjoyable experience that can be!  [No doubt Freud would be able to relate that pleasure back to the id's desires for lack of restraint and inhibition while the ego-ideal allows my ego to be able to achieve those objects of desire with free rein ...]


August 2, 2008

It’s my birthday…

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I don’t know what is more sad – the fact that I have spent the entire day completing the week 1 readings for GDT3102 Writing for Games unit and then writing up my summaries on my birthday, or the fact that I forgot it was my birthday until about mid day…

On reflection, what is probably more sad is that being “middle aged” means I don’t really care whether it is my birthday or not…


BTW: reading contractions in formal documents is  annoying

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