August 29, 2008

Assignment 1, Research Methods – “Learning Styles” Annotated Bibliography

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This paper has been presented in the form of an annotated bibliography for the outcomes of investigation and research concerning the area of “learning styles in online education” for Assignment 1, CSG5140 Research Methods, Edith Cowan University. This paper has been compiled in three parts: [A] An evaluative annotated bibliography of five refereed journal articles pertaining to the use of learning styles in online education; [B] Further evaluation of the methods employed in one of those refereed articles; and, [C] Five additional articles relevant to the investigation undertaken in part B which have been added to the annotated bibliography described in part A. The five articles explored concern four differing learning style inventories plus one research methods knowledge base.


August 8, 2008

Research Methods: Terminology investigation

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 Research Methods Terminology


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